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James Barrett
Stockholm, Sweden

Bio: James Barrett has an M.A and PhD in Language Studies (Umeå University, Sweden) and a B.A in Journalism and Asian Studies (USQ Australia). As well James has completed studies in digital media, pedagogy, urban theory, as well as interactive and architectural design subjects. He has taught courses in media, writing, literature and design at universities in Sweden and the UK. James is a consultant for media creation and publishing, network and social media and interactive narrative. His published research examines the interplay between language, images and sound as representational systems with a focus on the role of the spatial. James's performance and artistic work has been shown in Germany, Sweden, Israel, Argentina, Australia and France. He has appeared on radio and television in Singapore, the UK, Australia and Sweden. As well he has had over 50 000 downloads of his music online. James's online videos have had tens of thousands of views. He has played at music festivals in Germany, Sweden, Australia and Holland and his music has been released on labels in the USA, Australia, Sweden and Ukraine.

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